Eight years since we last saw Alice Horton

 “Merry Christmas, Tom,” were the final words Frances Reid said as Alice Horton — the matriarch of “Days of our Lives.” The episode aired Dec. 26, 2007, according to We Love Soaps.

Watch the scene here.


Is Bo dead?

Friday we saw Bo either die (as many fans believe, according to tweets) or pass out in Hope’s arms.

I couldn’t help but think Bo had died. Or, in “Days of our Lives” terms “died” (because nobody ever does in Salem … except for a few townsfolk).

Peter Reckell on Sunday tweeted something peculiar: “To be clear, it’s nothing big, just not the end. Don’t want to be accused of leading you on:)

With all of those flashbacks that were jammed into Friday’s episode, it easily could be surmised that Bo died in Hope’s arms.

But, Bo only has been back in Salem a few days, technically. And I would hope the writers would give us a little more than Hope almost being killed by Aiden, then Bo killing Aiden, then Bo being diagnosed with a brain tumor all within a few Salem days.

Stories move fast, but damn.

So let’s hope Bo and Hope aren’t done yet in Salem.

50 years of schemes, heartache and love

A lot of scheming, loving, killing, DNA switching, devil possessing, weddings and funerals can happen in 50 years.

And the residents of Salem have seen their fair share of all of that and more.

As we celebrate “Days of our Lives” at 50, here’s a look at some of my favorite moments, people, drama and love.

They’re listed in no particular order.

» Horton family Christmas tradition   
Without a doubt, the Hortons are Salem’s first family. Their love for family, friends and community is displayed throughout town, and celebrated with Christmas traditions.

Since near the beginning, Alice Horton has shared the love of her family with ornaments on a family tree in the living room.

 “All the people who keep Tom Horton in their hearts are family,” Alice said in 1994.


More pictures are here. And learn more about who has visited the Horton ornament ceremony here.

  Another Horton family tradition is the reading of the Christmas story to children at University Hospital.


» Last Blast 
Who can forget Salem High’s Last Blast dance in 2000? Ghoul Girl — aka Chloe Lane — had been tainted and teased by fellow students, but was named queen!

Of course, the blood bath Philip got was meant for Chloe.

Perhaps because they were around my age at the time, that group of Salemities is my favorite age group of characters: Belle, Shawn, Mimi, Chloe, Philip.

» Marlena possessed by the devil  
 Everybody with a television and a newspaper or magazine in the 90s had to hear about this storyline!

Marlena Evans became possessed by the devil in 1995.

Deidre Hall shares her memory of the time Marlena burned down St. Luke’s Church.
Deidre still can’t saw HOW she was able to levitate in that famous Christmas Eve scene.

» Will and Sonny  
These two guys made “Days” and daytime drama history becoming the first gay married couple.

Watching Will’s story of him accepting and understanding who he is, and watching Grandma Marlena help, and then watching him fall for Sonny made for some great television.

 I only wish “Days” wouldn’t have killed off Will. (Yeah, it “Days” and he’s not really dead, but still!)
» Sami and her men   
Let’s see, there was Lucas, Austin, Franco, Brandon, Rafe, and E.J.

 Remember when Sami drugged Austin?
There was the time Sami lied about who Will’s dad was. And Carrie rushed into the wedding of Sami and Austin to stop it.

Or when Franco used her to get a green card. Joke’s on him — he was shot and killed before they could marry!

 Remember when Sami went through marrying E.J. just to make his life hell? And then they for real got married.

» Family and love  
Salem wouldn’t be the great town it is today without strong and loving families.

Of course, there is Tom and Alice Horton, who built Salem and helped shape the lives of so many.

Where would Salem be without their generosity?

 My favorite couple is John and Marlena.

The love shared between these two is stronger than anything Stefano can throw their way.

And then there’s Bo and Hope. Nothing can stop the love they share. As the 50th anniversary arrives, let’s hope Bo reclaims his Fancy Face.

 I’ve loved Jen and Jack for a long time — mostly because of their career: journalists. (Though, Jen is in PR now!)

Jack always seems to draw the short end of the straw, but these two shall remain inseparable (when he’s alive).

Shane and Kim. These two haven’t been on much over the more recent years, but their love and focus on family always takes center stage when they appear.


Yes, Maggie is with Victor now, but nothing can take away the love she has for Mickey Horton.

 Daytime’s first supercouple: Doug and Julie. These two share a love beyond Salem … in the real world!

» Villans  We love the love and family, but where would “Days of our Lives” be without its villains?

Stefano and the entire DiMera family (even Lexie!).

    And Victor, the mischievous über wealthy mob man.

 Good ol’ Kate Roberts. Not a day goes by where she’s not planning a nasty plot.
   Kristen DiMera might be the queen of scheming — with her baby thefts and crazy attempts to get men to love her.

 But then there’s Sami Brady. So, basically, she is the queen villain in Salem.

   Eve Donovan knows her way around a good scheme. Ask Jen!

 He might be a Horton and seem like a nice guy, but Nick Horton is a mastermind at at least trying to get what he wants. Except for when he was shot and killed.

   Larry Welch is one creepy guy.

 Oh, Lexie. It’s too bad you’re a DiMera … and now dead.


You can’t talk about villains without Vivian Alamain!!

Bo Brady is back!

Guess who’s back, back again? Bo is back, tell a friend.

Good news for “Days” fans longing for Bo and Hope to be reunited … Bo Brady returns!

“The ‘Days of our Lives’ that you fell in love with is back,” actor Peter Reckell told Yahoo TV.

He returns on air Sept. 8!

Hope’s storyline has seen better days since 2012 when Bo left. Writers at the time did a horrible job explaining why Bo left, so fans were left with no real good story for why he suddenly skipped town. And we’ve been awaiting his return ever since.

I’ve read elsewhere online that his return is short-lived, which is sad if true. But being able to have this drawn own story on why Bo left in 2012 be explained will be great.

Looking forward to what is in store for the 50th anniversary of “Days.”

‘Days’ star crashes car in Ohio, passenger seriously injured

Alcohol and speed are suspected to be factors in a car crash early Tuesday morning in Ohio involving “Days of our Lives” star Freddie Smith, according to the Star Beacon newspaper in Ashtabula, Ohio.

Smith, 26, who plays Sonny Kiriakis on the popular NBC drama, was taken to Conneaut Medical Center, the newspaper reported.

His passenger was flown to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Youngstown. Ohio Highway Patrol said the passenger was listed in critical condition, according to the newspaper.

He joined “Days” in 2011 and portrayed the show’s second out gay character.

Sonny is married to Will Horton, son of Samy Brady DiMera and Lucas Horton.

Last year, Smith was nominated for his first Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Young Actor. The actor lives in California and is originally from the Ashtabula area of Ohio.