Leno confesses love for Sami Brady … or does he?

Jay Leno took a walk in Salem and ended up at the DiMera mansion where he confessed his love for Sami Brady.

What happens next in this shocking storyline plot twist? Check out the video.


‘Days’ stars Alison Sweeney, James Scott to appear to appear on ‘Tonight Show’

At least a piece of daytime is heading to primetime tonight.

“Days of our Lives” stars Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady) and James Scott (EJ DiMera) will appear tonight on NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” Soap Opera Digest reports.

“The Tonight Show” airs at 11:35 p.m. on WPXI in Pittsburgh.

‘General Hospital’ turns 50

On the seventh floor of a busy eastern United States hospital in 1963 were Dr. Steve Hardy and his friend, nurse Jessie Brewer.

Fast forward 50 years and the town of Port Charles continues to entertain fans.

ABC’s “General Hospital” celebrates a grand milestone today as the daytime drama turns 50.

While it’s no secret I’m a “Days of our Lives” fan, it’s important to note that as daytime dramas remain an easy target for cancellation, fans need to celebrate other shows’ major achievements.

Like “Days of our Lives” on NBC, “General Hospital” is ABC’s lone daytime drama, and just a few years ago was all but canceled as Disney execs chopped its counterparts “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” (both dramas have been re-born and are set to begin airing again later this month online and on TV).

Watch the first scenes of “General Hospital.”

Here’s to a long life ahead for “General Hospital” and daytime dramas!

Several ‘Days’ later …

So, truth be told, I’m about two months behind on “Days of our Lives.”

As I write this, Lexie has died (several episodes ago and there has been no mention of a funeral or anything!), Nicole continues trying to keep EJ out of the loop and Gabby remains a clueless and selfish person.

I’m spending Labor Day weekend actually catching up. I’ve got all of July and August to watch. Thankfully, the Olympics took place during two of those weeks, so there’s 10 less episodes to watch!

Why such a big gap in watching my favorite show? Work. I’ve been working so much this summer, that when I get home, the last thing I want to do is turn on the TV. And I kept thinking I was only a few days behind. Then a few days become a few weeks and before I knew it, I was two months behind.


First, let’s talk about how sad it is that Lexie Carver is dead. Watching Lexie die in Abe’s arms was extremely gut wrenching.

Great scenes with Renee Jones and James Reynolds.

It’s difficult imagining Salem without the Carver family together. There is no doubt Lexie Carver has had some ups and downs in Salem — mostly due to her father, Stefano.

Sad that Renee Jones wanted to leave the show, but she had a great run (something like 20 years or so, I think).

And it is “Days,” so if she gets tired of being off screen, I’m sure the writers can find a way to make Lexie be alive.

But … let’s talk about how weird the scenes were with angel Lexie.

Uhh … this was so weird. I remember when Nicole’s mom was killed. She also appeared as this ghostly figure.

Theo being able to know when Lexie died and still be able to talk with her was great, but I found her ghostly image to be a bit odd.

So whatever happens after the end of June, don’t tell me yet! I should be all caught up by the end of Labor Day!

Eileen Davidson returning to ‘Days’

Bo Brady might be on his way out of Salem, but guess who’s back?

Kristen Blake — the adopted daughter of Stefano DiMera — and Susan Banks!

Davidson, who last appeared on “Days” in 1998, said she is “thrilled” to be returning to Salem, saying she was “excited to revisit Kristen and who knows who else!”

Among the characters Davidson has played on “Days” includes Kristen Blake, Susan Banks, Sister Mary Moira Banks, Thomas Banks and Penelope Kent.

Ahhh, remember those days?

Along with her popularity on “Days,” Davidson originated “The Young and the Restless” role of Ashley Abbott — a role she began in 1982. She was fired from “Y&R” last month after a roughly four-year stint.

Apparently, the folks at Sony Pictures (distributor of both “Days” and “Y&R”) wanted her on both soaps simultaneously. But “Y&R” writers said no, so Sony terminated her “Y&R” contract and shifted her to “Days.”

Peter Reckell out at ‘Days’ … can the show continue?

Mario and Luigi.

Luke and Laura.

Fred and Ethel.

Fred and Wilma.

Milo and Otis.

You can’t have one without the other.

But that’s exactly what is going to happen later this year in Salem as, it appears, Bo Brady will be leaving his love, Hope.

Peter Reckell confirmed last month via Twitter that he will be leaving “Days of our Lives.” Rumors circulated that he and show executives couldn’t reach an agreement to keep him in the role of Bo Brady — a character he has owned for nearly 30 years.

Whether it was stubbornness from either Reckell or show executives doesn’t matter. The biggest issue facing “Days” right now is if the show can continue without one of its most powerful stars.

Mainstream media might have focused solely on Luke and Laura over the years, but Bo and Hope quickly become daytime’s best supercouple in the 1980s. And it’s a title they’ve never given up.

Yes, Billie Reed and Carly Manning have gotten in the way. Sure, Stefano also has interfered, but Bo and Hope have remained steadfast in their commitment to one another.

“Days” without one-half of Bo and Hope (Bope) is kind of like eating a Twinkie with no filling.

Here’s hoping something can be worked out to keep Bo Brady in Salem beyond October!